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Bespoke, 100% Customized Beauty salon furniture Ireland. Nail salon furniture, Hair salons furniture, salon reception desk furniture Ireland. Chairs and stools for beauty salons. Mirrors for beauty salons.

In the beauty industry, first impressions are everything. With appearances being a key part of this industry, you’ll naturally want to make sure your beauty salon, nail salon, or hairdressers really looks the part, to tempt in plenty of new customers. That’s where we come in- at Bella Furniture Ireland, we specialize in creating beautiful bespoke furniture for salons that’s sure to make an impression. From functional front desks that will help shape the perfect reception area, to the nail desks and cupboards that you need to keep your salon or hairdressers tidy and organized, we’ve got everything you could possibly need, salon chairs, couches, coffee tables and much more. Whether you want to capture some of that timeless elegance that comes with antique-style pieces, or create a sleek, stylish, and modern salon, there’s a whole world of choice here at Bella Furniture!

Bespoke Furniture for beauty salons, furniture for hairdressers, furniture for nail salons. Beauty salon, hairdresser and nail salon furniture for sale

The cornerstone of our bespoke products here at Bella Furniture is, of course, our stunning range of salon furniture. You should think of your beauty salon or hair salon furniture as the foundation upon which you build your décor. Since the furniture will likely be the first thing your customers notice, you’ll want to ensure you’re giving off the right impression. Whatever your style, we have the perfect salon furniture to suit you, and really blow your clients away. With much of our bespoke furniture available in a range of different colours, you can really put your own stamp on things, and build your salon décor around your own unique style. We make each piece to order, and carefully craft each individual piece of furniture to ensure that it will look great in your beauty salon, nail bar, spa or hairdressers.

Nail Polish Racks. Bespoke nail polish racks. Nail polish racks for nail salons. Nail polish rack for beauty salons. Nail polish racks for sale.

Not only are nail polishes an essential part of your beauty salon toolkit, but they also make for fantastic decoration, too. After all, you likely have a huge selection of nail polishes in all different colours, so why not turn them into a key part of your interior décor? Our great nail polish racks come in all different styles, so that you can really brighten up your beauty salon. Whether it’s an ornate nail polish rack for some classic elegance, or a more streamlined nail polish rack to bring some modern chic, we’ve got so much on offer. What’s more, a nail polish rack also makes your life a lot easier in your beauty salon, since all the equipment you need is right there at your fingertips.

Bespoke Wall Mirrors for Hairdresser Salons. Wall mirrors for Beauty Salons. Beauty Salon mirrors for sale. 

What beauty salon, nail salon, or hairdressers would be complete without some stunning mirrors on the wall? Naturally, you’ll want your clients to be able to see for themselves the stunning transformation that you have performed. Let’s face it- your hair and beauty treatments are a work of art, and as such, they deserve to be framed perfectly. Luckily for you, we’ve got a whole host of beauty salon mirrors on offer which will really bring some glamour to your salon. Our mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you want to top off your wall display with a medium-sized mirror, or make a real statement with a wall-length mirror, there’s something for everyone in our store!

Boutique Retail Displays. Beauty salon displays. Hairdresser salon displays for sale. Nail salon displays for sale. Stylish retail displays for beauty salons.

In your beauty salon or hairdressers, you put a lot of time into helping your clients get the perfect look. However, the story doesn’t end there- to keep up appearances, they will probably need to regularly touch things up at home. For that reason, many beauty salons and nail bars also sell products for their customers to take home. But how do you display those products? Don’t just leave them cluttering up a desk or table- instead, give one of our boutique retail displays a try. They allow you to display all your beauty products, hair products, and nail products in one tidy package, so that customers can easily see exactly what they need. With such a great selection of boutique retail displays for sale, you can also be sure that you’ll find one here that fits in perfectly with the design and décor of your beauty salon, nail bar, or hairdressers, too.

Stools for beauty salon. Stools for hairdressers. Stools for nail salons. Beauty salon stools for sale. Chairs for beauty salons. Chairs for hairdressers. Chairs for nail salons. Beauty salon chairs for sale.

What’s the one part of your beauty salon, nail bar, or hairdressers décor that matters most to your clients? That’s right- the chairs that they sit on. Effective chairs and stools for beauty salons and hair salons need to be both comfortable and functional. After all, your clients will likely be sitting in them for a long period of time, so it’s vital that they aren’t left feeling sore or irritated while you carry out your work. As well as a wide selection of salon chairs, we also have plenty of stools on offer, too. These are more suited to nail desks, since they allow you to get up close and personal with your clients, and perform delicate work on their nails.

As well as being functional, you’ll also want stools and chairs for your salon that look great, too, since they will be a key focal point within your beauty salon, nail bar, or hairdressers. They let you divide your beauty salon or hairdressers décor up into sections- for example, making one part a waiting area, and the other where the magic happens. You don’t need to actually physically separate the different parts of your salon to do this- with smart décor, you can let the furniture itself do the talking.

Mirrors for Professional Makeup Artists. Mirrors for makeup salons. Makeup salon mirrors for sale.

As every professional makeup artist knows, to get the best results, you need the best equipment. That’s why we’re proud to offer state of the art makeup mirrors, which will help you to do a great job of your clients’ makeup, every time. Offering the perfect level of magnification, you and your clients alike will be able to see exactly what’s going on with your beauty treatment.

Do you want to change the image of your beauty salon? Here at Bella Furniture, we have fully customized, 100% handmade furniture for beauty salons, hairdressers and nail salons. We offer stylish mirrors, stools, chairs and reception desks.

We are a Dublin based supplier of unique styled of boutique furniture that is sure to impress your clientele upon their arrival and make that first impression a positive one. Our bespoke beauty salon furniture Ireland includes customized reception couches, handmade diamond reception desks, stylish reception tables, manicure/pedicure stations and chairs, unique barber chairs, wall units, beauty salon furniture, hair salon station furniture and much more that will compliment any decor. You can purchase individual pieces or just ask us about our package deals. Just send us a quick email with your requirements and we will come back to you with a very competitive quote.

We Have Everything Your Salon Needs from furniture, mirrors, chairs and reception desks to very unique and stylish bespoke furniture.

As you can see, we’ve got a huge range of different products to choose from here at Bella Furniture Ireland. Whether you’re looking for the perfect nail desks for your nail salon to make your job that much easier, smart storage solutions to keep your equipment neat and tidy, or the perfect finishing touch for your beauty salon’s look, we’ve got you covered. Almost all of our products come in a great selection of different colours for the ideal finishing touch. Just take a look across our site, and we’re certain that you’ll find the perfect piece for your beauty salon. At Bella Furniture, we’re committed to providing the very best quality salon furniture, every time- so what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!

Bella Beauty Furniture Ireland offers high quality fully customized, bespoke salon furniture built to order. Over 60 fabric colors to choose from and at no extra cost to you.

We bring to you the most beautiful, unique furniture for your beauty salon reception, fashion floor or professional services welcome/reception areas that is available in Ireland today. Here at Bella Furniture Ireland we understand how important that first impression is. You can choose from over 60 fabric colors, customize the front, top and back color of your chosen product. Pick your own style and even order furniture built to your size and specification.