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  • TULLIA Reception Desk L Shape – Bella Diamond Collection
    0101-DCR right / 0101-DCL left

    Bella Reception Desk L Shape – Diamond Collection. Open from right or left side. Basic Model with one lockable drawer, and free storage space under top. Comfort for your receptionist is key in time management and eventual success in your business. The Bella reception desk provides you with all the comfort you require alongside other exclusive...

    € 750.00
  • ROSSELLA Reception Front Desk – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Reception Front – Diamond Collection Basic Model with one lockable drawer and free storage space under top. Our reception front furniture not only meets your comfort needs and value, it also helps your salon stand out, most importantly very professional. The Bella reception allows for easy accessibility because of our value for space. Our product...

    € 475.00
  • LORETTA Nail Desk Medium - Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Nail Desk Medium - Diamond Collection. Basic Model 3 x storage shleves The Bella Manicure Desk M is an amazing work station, it is exciting to use, stretching out your legs haven’t been this easy until the emergence of the Bella Medium sized Manicure desk. This desk suits all your needs as a technician and it defines you as a professional. It comes...

    € 340.00
  • LORENA Nail Desk Large - Bella Diamond Collection

    Nail Desk Large - Diamond Collection. Basic Model 6 x storage shleves If you desire an amazing work station the Bella Manicure Desk; Large in size is what you need. The manicure desk is super comfortable to use and it defines you as a professional. It comes in a great colour and variety of technical uses such as its amazing storage capacity. Our desk...

    € 360.00
  • MARIETTA Nail Desk Small - Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Nail Desk Small - Diamond Collection. Basic Model 3 x storage shleves. The Bella Manicure Desk Small sized; defines space management, it is relatively cool for your use especially if you are a professional, it is practical and stylish. It comes in an amazing colour combination with an amazing leather to match.  It is built for your comfort. Our nail...

    € 320.00
  • OTTAVIO Coffee Table – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Coffee Table S – Diamond Collection Our stunning Small coffee table with a glass top amazes you, it defines hospitality, it has a sleek design and it’s good for reception, salons and boutiques, it’s also good for the home too. It is a perfect addition to almost every space. It comes in an amazing colour coated in leather and well sewn to meet all...

    € 260.00
  • SANTINO Coffee Table – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Coffee Table L – Diamond Collection The Bella large coffee table comes in a stylish and a sleek design offering pure class and trusts me there is more to it. It is built just to suit your purpose, so whether it’s a salon or a boutique, you can be guaranteed of amazing and a beautiful piece. You can easily slide across the table. The Bella Large...

    € 285.00
  • SERENA Nail Polish Shelves – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Nail Polish Shelves – Diamond Collection The Bella Nail Polish Shelve is an amazing piece of furniture; it looks exceptionally pretty when mounted on the wall as a hanging piece. It is designed to hold your fingernail lacquer with class, extremely ideal for your beauty salon or retail store. This beautiful polish shelve comes in a two colour...

    € 90.00
  • MARCELLO - Cupboard with Two Drawers – Bella Diamond...
    0112 - DC

    Bella MARCELLO Cupboard with Two Drawers – Diamond CollectionSome things are required and very essential in keeping your salon or shop tidy. The Bella Side unit (two drawer cupboard) is good in every way. It is portable and very well designed to meet all you want in a two drawer cupboard. With an amazing top (slider surface) great for keeping artefacts...

    € 240.00
  • PASQUALE High Table with Drawer – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella PASQUALE High Table with Drawer – Diamond Collection The reception high table drawer brings hospitality to another level, it combines style with storage. Looks basic from the outside but on the deep it is extremely amazing. It is designed to give your visitors the best comfort ever. With an amazing slider surface, it comes in a two colours and it’s...

    € 250.00
  • VALENTINA Waiting Bench – Diamond Collection

    Bella Waiting Bench – Diamond CollectionThe Reception Waiting bench offers a warm look, the reception waiting bench when strategically placed benches will give guests a place to rest while waiting for the elevator, doctors’ appointments, or fitting room. The next time you enter a hotel lounge, boutique, or salon waiting area, notice the placement of...

    € 180.00
  • VALENTINO Waiting stool – Diamond Collection

    Bella Waiting stool – Diamond CollectionThere is no limit to salon configurations with our exclusive reception waiting stools s. it makes the reception just perfect for you and your visitors. It is built for beauty. The seat comes in a magnificent colour combination. It will definitely suit your purpose perfectly. The Bella reception waiting tool is...

    € 142.00
  • TANCREDI Mirror - Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Mirror - Diamond Collection Our mirrors define elegance. It suits your purpose perfectly with features such as durability, class, charm and diamonds. It brings out the beauty you require. The Bella mirror comes in different specifications and many colors. It’s simply the best. Don't forget you can create your own design and choose colors because we...

    € 210.00
  • NARAZZIO Hairdresser One Leg Chair – Bella Diamond...

    Bella NARAZZIO Hairdresser Chair – Diamond Collection This modern classic chair defines perfection. It provides much comfort with its high density foam cushioning and ultra-smooth upholstery. This chair is great standalone or can easily be paired with our other great furnishing selections. It comes with other top-notch technicalities, the colour is...

    € 415.00
  • PELLEGRINO Hairdresser Console – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Hairdresser Console with drawer wall mounted  – Diamond Collection This hair station, is perfect for your salon, it manages space efficiently putting in consideration your work capabilities. It is beautiful and well designed. Comes in with a beautiful colour and amazingly a great storage capacity. With a smooth slider surface, you cannot ask for...

    € 210.00
  • BUENAVENTURE Pouf Small/Large – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Pouf Small or Large – Diamond Collection  Pouf -  When you require comfort with class, the Bella Pouf is just about what you need, it is an amazing structure designed to suit your every taste; so whether you run a boutique or an shop reception or perhaps it’s a beauty salon, you can be assured of comfort. It comes exclusively designed, with diamond...

    € 85.00
  • OLIMPIA Couch – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Couch - Diamond collection Our amazing curved couch defines convenience and comfort all as one. Our sofa is made with amazing designs comes with an even better colour combination, your combination. The couch doesn’t just beautify your salon or boutique; it makes your salon and boutique amazing. The Bella Couch suits your purpose in all cases.  Don't...

    € 480.00
  • NEVIO Chair – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Chair – Diamond collection When it comes to keeping an amazing reception room and giving comfort and convenience to your visitors, the Bella reception chair is just about what your desire should be. The reception chair defines what a perfect first impression should be. Comes in a perfect color combination, with a well-padded layer to help your...

    € 310.00
  • ANTONIETTA Couch – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella couch  – Diamond Collection Our amazing the Two Seat Sofa defines convenience and comfort all as one. The couch made with amazing designs comes with an even better color combination. It is beautifully structured with amazing leather materials and diamond studs to keep it stunning always. The couch doesn’t just beautify your salon or boutique; it...

    € 485.00
  • PRUDENZIO Two Station Nail Desk – Bella Diamond Collection

    Two Station Nail Desk – Diamond Collection  Prudenzio Two Station Nail Desk- When it comes to keeping an amazing beauty nail salon and giving comfort and convenience to your visitors, the Bella two station nail desk is all you need, it’s classy, trendy, comfy and designed for your visitors; aside the fact that it allows you to work side by side. It also...

    € 665.00
  • SESSTO Reception Coffee Table with Glass Top - Bella...

    SESSTO Reception Coffee Table with Glass TOP Your reception area is the first part of your beauty salon or hairdressers that people will see- so make sure it looks the part! This fantastic reception table is a sleek, stylish piece that will really wow your customers, and let them know that you know a thing or two about making things look beautiful. The...

    € 250.00
  • TONINO Small cupboard with three drawers - Bella Diamond...

    TONINO cupboard with three drawers  Available in either black or white, this gorgeous set of three drawers is sure to look great in any beauty or nail salon or hair salon, whatever your style. It’s compact, so you can easily fit it in wherever you have room, but the drawers provide you with plenty of storage space for all those salon essentials. It also...

    € 295.00
  • TITO Small wide cupboard with two drawers - Bella Diamond...

    TITO small wide cupboard with two drawers Keep your beauty salon looking fresh with this incredible long set of drawers.  Available in either black or white, it’s subtle yet elegant, and goes perfectly with any style you might have planned for your beauty salon, nail salon, or hairdressers. All that extra space makes it ideal for displaying some extra...

    € 265.00

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