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  • OTTAVIO Coffee Table – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Coffee Table S – Diamond Collection Our stunning Small coffee table with a glass top amazes you, it defines hospitality, it has a sleek design and it’s good for reception, salons and boutiques, it’s also good for the home too. It is a perfect addition to almost every space. It comes in an amazing colour coated in leather and well sewn to meet all...

    € 223.58 Vat excl.
  • SANTINO Coffee Table – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Coffee Table L – Diamond Collection The Bella large coffee table comes in a stylish and a sleek design offering pure class and trusts me there is more to it. It is built just to suit your purpose, so whether it’s a salon or a boutique, you can be guaranteed of amazing and a beautiful piece. You can easily slide across the table. The Bella Large...

    € 243.09 Vat excl.
  • PASQUALE High Table with Drawer – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella PASQUALE High Table with Drawer – Diamond Collection The reception high table drawer brings hospitality to another level, it combines style with storage. Looks basic from the outside but on the deep it is extremely amazing. It is designed to give your visitors the best comfort ever. With an amazing slider surface, it comes in a two colours and it’s...

    € 245.00 Vat excl.
  • SESSTO Reception Coffee Table with Glass Top - Bella...

    SESSTO Reception Coffee Table with Glass TOP Your reception area is the first part of your beauty salon or hairdressers that people will see- so make sure it looks the part! This fantastic reception table is a sleek, stylish piece that will really wow your customers, and let them know that you know a thing or two about making things look beautiful. The...

    € 215.45 Vat excl.