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  • LORETTA Nail Desk Medium - Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Nail Desk Medium - Diamond Collection. Basic Model 3 x storage shleves The Bella Manicure Desk M is an amazing work station, it is exciting to use, stretching out your legs haven’t been this easy until the emergence of the Bella Medium sized Manicure desk. This desk suits all your needs as a technician and it defines you as a professional. It comes...

    € 296.75 Vat excl.
  • PELLEGRINO Hairdresser Console – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Hairdresser Console with drawer wall mounted  – Diamond Collection This hair station, is perfect for your salon, it manages space efficiently putting in consideration your work capabilities. It is beautiful and well designed. Comes in with a beautiful colour and amazingly a great storage capacity. With a smooth slider surface, you cannot ask for...

    € 225.00 Vat excl.
  • PRUDENZIO Two Station Nail Desk – Bella Diamond Collection

    Two Station Nail Desk – Diamond Collection  Prudenzio Two Station Nail Desk- When it comes to keeping an amazing beauty nail salon and giving comfort and convenience to your visitors, the Bella two station nail desk is all you need, it’s classy, trendy, comfy and designed for your visitors; aside the fact that it allows you to work side by side. It also...

    € 578.86 Vat excl.
  • MARIELLA - Nail Desk Small - Bella Diamond Collection

    MARIELLA  Nail Desk Small - Bella Diamond Collection Every nail salon needs the perfect nail desk, and the Mariella is the ideal place to start. Solidly built and offering plenty of space for all manner of manicures and nail treatments, the Mariella will serve you faithfully for many years to come. It also features a spacious cupboard, so there’s plenty...

    € 324.39 Vat excl.
  • MISTELLA Nail Desk Medium - Bella Diamond Collection

    MISTELLA Nail Desk with four drawers and space for nail lamp - Diamond Collection Think of the Mistella nail desk as your artist’s canvas. On it, you’ll create all kinds of nail masterpieces- it really is the perfect choice for nail salons and beauty spas! It’s so spacious, that there’s plenty of room for a nail lamp so that you can ensure your work is...

    € 512.00 Vat excl.
  • PONZIO Two Station Nail Desk with 5 drawers - Bella...

    Bella-Two Station Nail Desk – Diamond Collection Basic Model with five drawers  If you’re a busy nail salon, then you’ll want to make the best use of your space, and ensure you can give as many customers as possible fantastic nail treatments. For that reason, why not give the amazing Ponzio two station nail desk a try! As well as plenty of space to carry...

    € 641.46 Vat excl.
  • PIETRO Nail Desk Small - Bella Diamond Collection

    PIETRO Nail Desk - Diamond Collection Adding some serious style to your nail salon or beauty salon, while also serving a practical purpose, this small nail desk is simply perfect. As a nail desk, it offers you ample space to carry out a whole host of great nail treatments, plus the spacious drawer means you can keep all that essential kits at arm’s...

    € 352.00 Vat excl.
  • ULISSE Three Station Nail Desk - Bella Diamond Collection

    Three Station Nail Desk  – Diamond Collection Looking for the perfect nail desk for your salon? Then you’ve come to the right place! This incredible 3 station nail desk gives you so much space for carrying out nail treatments, so that you can give your customers a speedier service. There’s also lots of storage space, thanks to the multiple shelves and...

    € 934.96 Vat excl.
  • PIERO Two Station Nail Desk with 5 drawers - Bella...

    Bella-Two Station Nail Desk – Diamond Collection Basic Model with five drawers  As nail salons are becoming busier and busier particularly around the festive and seasonal periods. It is then very important to make sure that you have enough extra space to be able to cater to all your fabulous clients.  This double nail station is perfect for those busy...

    € 658.54 Vat excl.