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  • SERENA Nail Polish Shelves – Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Nail Polish Shelves – Diamond Collection The Bella Nail Polish Shelve is an amazing piece of furniture; it looks exceptionally pretty when mounted on the wall as a hanging piece. It is designed to hold your fingernail lacquer with class, extremely ideal for your beauty salon or retail store. This beautiful polish shelve comes in a two colour...

    € 95.00 Vat excl.
  • MARCELLO - Cupboard with Two Drawers – Bella Diamond...
    0112 - DC

    Bella MARCELLO Cupboard with Two Drawers – Diamond CollectionSome things are required and very essential in keeping your salon or shop tidy. The Bella Side unit (two drawer cupboard) is good in every way. It is portable and very well designed to meet all you want in a two drawer cupboard. With an amazing top (slider surface) great for keeping artefacts...

    € 231.71 Vat excl.
  • REGINA Tall Salon Cupboard - Bella Diamond Collection

    Bella Tall Salon Cupboard – Diamond Collection with space for clothes hangers. Who said storage can’t be elegant? The Regina tall cupboard is the perfect way of keeping all your beauty spa or hair and nail salon equipment neat and tidy, while also adding some decorative charm to your salon. Its sleek design means that it can fit in easily anywhere you...

    € 353.66 Vat excl.
  • RIMELDA Wide Cupboard - Bella Diamond Collection

    RIMELDA Wide Cupboard - Bella Diamond Collection Don’t have a lot of free floor space for storage in your beauty spa or hair and nail salon? Not to worry! The Rimelda cupboard fits your salon room perfectly, and gives you all the salon storage space you’ll need. You don’t have to leave your salon equipment just lying around- keep it all tucked away neat...

    € 486.99 Vat excl.
  • ROSSA Wide Cupboard - Bella Diamond Collection

    ROSSA Wide Storege Cupboard -  Bella Diamond Collection Who says storage has to be boring? This stylish wide cupboard, available in black or white, is the perfect canvas for you to make your mark on. From a vase full of colourful flowers, to stylish lamps and much, much more, you’ll have a dedicated space where you can add the personal touches that make a...

    € 323.58 Vat excl.
  • ROSSALLIA Tall Cupboard - Bella Diamond Collection

    ROSSALLIA Tall Storage Cupboard - Bella Diamond Collection Not only does it need to give you plenty of space to keep your equipment neat and tidy, but it should also be stylish- after all, your job revolves around appearances. Fortunately, Bella has the perfect piece for you: this tall cupboard complete with a drawer at the bottom. With four shelves, you...

    € 313.01 Vat excl.
  • TONINO Small cupboard with three drawers - Bella Diamond...

    TONINO cupboard with three drawers  Available in either black or white, this gorgeous set of three drawers is sure to look great in any beauty or nail salon or hair salon, whatever your style. It’s compact, so you can easily fit it in wherever you have room, but the drawers provide you with plenty of storage space for all those salon essentials. It also...

    € 231.71 Vat excl.
  • TITO Small wide cupboard with two drawers - Bella Diamond...

    TITO small wide cupboard with two drawers Keep your beauty salon looking fresh with this incredible long set of drawers.  Available in either black or white, it’s subtle yet elegant, and goes perfectly with any style you might have planned for your beauty salon, nail salon, or hairdressers. All that extra space makes it ideal for displaying some extra...

    € 215.45 Vat excl.

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