Mirrors!! & Why there a Must.

Yes! Amazing Salon furniture is a must for any hairdressers or beauty salon.

However, along with your completely customised Salon Furniture, it is also quite important that you have selected a number of high-quality Salon Mirrors available to not only help the stylist to be able to see how the clients styling is looking from start to finish.

Also along with the practical needs for having a mirror for styling. It has also become quite important to have in Hair Salons & Beauty Rooms purely for the fact that clients are now checking in on Social Media while at the Hair Salon, which has led to the clients taking selfies of their finished hair style for Snapchat or more recently for posting to their Instagram accounts.

So it is because of all the above reasons that we at Bella Furniture believe that our new range of Antique Wall Mirrors will not only cater to all of your Salons needs but also add an extra touch of sophistication to your Salon or Homes Aesthetic.

An example of one of our high-quality mirrors that are available to our clients is the Large Ornate Silver Full-length mirror which is the perfect size for use at home or in a Salon or Beauty Room.  

It is because of its design and over all size that Bella has selected it as one of its Strongest 

options in terms of Aesthetic and practicality