Reception Desks: The Face of Your Salon

In the beauty industry, first impressions are everything. When customers walk past your salon, they will instinctively look in the window, and instantly make a judgment about it. When you’re creating a style for your salon, you’ll therefore want to focus a lot of your attention on the first part that they will see- the reception area!

A beautiful reception desk makes for the perfect welcome to your customers. They help to give your beauty salon, nail salon, or hairdressers a professional feel, and they are extremely useful when you have a lot of customers to deal with at a time. Our reception desks are sleek and stylish pieces that will elevate your salon’s décor to another level. We also have a wide range of reception seating and tables, too, so you can create a beautiful part of your salon that customers will feel comfortable in while they wait for their appointment.

As your beauty salon thrives and grows, you’ll need a way of organizing all those appointments that start coming your way. This is why so many salons hire a receptionist to keep things organized, welcome customers through the door, and help to run a tighter ship. That leaves you free to focus on what really matters- giving your customers an excellent experience, and helping them look their best.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated receptionist working in your salon, a reception desk is still an extremely useful piece of equipment to have. It gives you a dedicated space for your computer equipment and till, and means you can give your clients a proper welcome into your beauty salon, nail salon, or hairdressers. Coupled with some extra reception furniture, like sofas and a coffee table, you’ll be able to create a comfortable space where customers can wait, instead of leaving them standing awkwardly in the middle of the salon.

Best of all, Bella Furniture’s bespoke reception desks mean that you can choose a colour that perfectly matches your salon’s style. We have an unprecedented range of colours to choose from, so that whatever impression you want to give off with your style, you’ll find the perfect furniture to do so at Bella Furniture. We are the number one choice when it comes to bespoke furniture because we understand just how important appearances are for your beauty salon, nail salon, or hairdressers. So, to show your customers that you’re a stylish, organized salon the second they step through the door, make sure you’re all set with the perfect reception desk!