Rustic original baroque nail polish display - why you should have them in your salon or boutique ???

Every nail salon or beauty salon will come equipped with the perfect decorative piece- your collection of nail polishes, of course! However, all too often this valuable style commodity is left in a drawer, out of sight. In fact, though, they can be used as the perfect centerpiece to your nail decorating area- and what better place to display them than within this beautiful baroque nail polish display?

Made out of stylish silver chrome, this display is made in the early twentieth century style that’s always been popular, so you don’t have to worry about it going out of fashion. The silver colour goes great with any style you might be cultivating in your salon, so it really is a perfect fit for any beauty salon or nail salon. It brings a real touch of elegance to your salon, designed as it is in the style of a picture frame. After all, your nail polishes are your paints when you create nail masterpieces- so why not display them as if they were on a canvas!

With five wide shelves, there’s so much display space, so you’re free to show off your whole colourful collection. Alternatively, you can be a little more minimalist with your display, and keep just a few bottles on each shelf to really draw attention to them. This is certainly a very flexible choice when it comes to decorating, so it’s the perfect way to indulge your creative side, and put your own stamp on your beauty salon or boutique.

It’s not just nail polishes that you can display on this piece, though- it’s a great way to show off all manner of smaller decorative items, and really draw attention to them. All too often, these smaller pieces can get lost among all the other décor of your salon, despite how much you might love them. Putting them in this stunning frame, though, is the perfect way of ensuring that nobody misses them, and they are really able to accentuate your style. If you own a boutique and you sell small items, then this display unit is also a great choice for the same reason- it draws the eye with its elegant style, and will make sure customers look closely at what’s inside.

As you can see, then, this baroque display unit is ideal for all nail salons, beauty salons, and boutiques. It brings some old-fashioned style and elegance, and lets you proudly display all manner of objects, including nail polishes. If you care about the appearance of your business, then make sure you invest in this gorgeous piece right away.