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LORETTA Nail Desk Medium - Bella Diamond Collection


Bella Nail Desk Medium - Diamond Collection. Basic Model 3 x storage shleves

The Bella Manicure Desk M is an amazing work station, it is exciting to use, stretching out your legs haven’t been this easy until the emergence of the Bella Medium sized Manicure desk. This desk suits all your needs as a technician and it defines you as a professional. It comes in a great colour and variety of technical uses such as its amazing storage capacity. Our nail desk comes with 3 shelves which you can swap for drawers, also can be with with Extracting Air Filter System.

Made with mirror gloss, highly durable, scratch resistant and liquid resistant surface.

Don't forget you can create your own design and choose colors because we make bespoke Bella furniture especially for you. For more details contact us HERE

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If you have any questions don't hesitate call 01 4429939 or 089 499 11 41

* Bella Furniture Ireland would like to advise that before placing your order, that they make sure that the correct measurements have been taken of the salon space and entrances as our furniture often comes in one large piece and entrance size could be an issue. We can’t responsibility for such a situation.

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StylesDiamond Collection
PropertiesFully CUSTOMIZED to order!

The main rules of taking care and maintenance of upholstery fabrics 

Complying with a few rules mentioned below will allow to maintain the proper characteristics and looks of fabrics for a long time and will guarantee full satisfaction of their use. Remember! The mentioned below rules are only guidelines to taking care and maintaining upholstery fabrics. Different types of fabrics might require using different than general. methods of cleaning and maintenance.

AVOID DUST Remove dust, stains and dirt immediately.

CLEAN ON A REGULAR BASIS Minimum ones a week clean a fabric — using a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a tool for furniture cleaning. While cleaning avoid excessive rubbing and vacuum cleaning with high suction power not to damage fiber of a fabric. Comb pile fabrics on regular basis with a soft brush, particularly in spots of high utilization.

KEEP AWAY FROM SUN RAYS Avoid exposing to sun rays.

KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT SOURCES Avoid exposing to heat sources such as for instance a radiator or a stove. Keep the minimum distance of 30 cm from heat sources.

DO NOT DRY FABRIC WITH A HAIRDRYER Fabrics cannot be dried by means of heat sources such as a heater, a hairdryer or an iron, etc.

CLEAN ANY DIRT IMMEDIATELY In case of any dirt (stains) clean it immediately not allowing it to penetrate into fibers of fabric.

• REMOVING LIQUID In case of spilling any liquid, clear it immediately with a paper towel or an absorbent cloth (not rubbing liquid in the fabric), then wipe the cleaning surface with a soft sponge (cloth) and leave it to dry (in case of fabric), or wipe it dry (in case of synthetic leather).

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AVOID GETTING WET Do not expose fabrics to excessive or longterm moistness or wet.

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• rough and hard sponges, cloth or brushes

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• waxing agents, moisturizing creams

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