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Mobile Makeup Stand (170 x 60 cm) with Hollywood mirror (80 x 60 cm), with 10 lights located along the perimeter of the mirror. Varnished mirror frame means easy cleaning, while adding style to the exterior.

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Professional Mobile Makeup Stand

The Mobile Hollywood stand is perfect for beauty parlours, beauty salons and make-up studios. Combining one of our flagship models of “Hollywood” mirrors with a mobile table has allowed us to create a professional workplace that will work under all conditions. Easy transport makes the stand perfect for a variety of events, exhibitions or fairs.

The Hollywood mirror is a beautiful makeup mirror made with utmost precision and attention to detail, which will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

The professional 80×60cm mirror has been equipped with 10 lights located along the perimeter of the mirror. The layout of lights on four sides ensures even lighting of the face of the person sitting in front of the mirror, thus simplifying precise makeup application. Neutral light colour makes the face look the same as in natural daylight – the make-up effect is thus close to perfection.

The High-gloss painted frame adds style to any interior. It is easy to keep clean, which allows the product to keep its impressive look for many years.

The solid table has been made using MDF. Base wheels allow for easy movement of the stand.

Many make-up artists dream about a professional make-up stand. Our product will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Total stand dimensions: 170 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm
Mirror dimensions: 80 cm x 60 cm
Table dimensions: 90 cm x 60 cm
Table top dimensions: 60 cm x 30 cm

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The Mobile Hollywood makeup stand may be positioned anywhere. The mirror is a separate element and it may be placed on a stable surface or mounted on the wall in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

How to choose the correct light color? The Mobile Hollywood stand is available with either of two types of light color (LED lights):

  • Neutral, i.e. the daylight version, which will let you apply your makeup creations more precisely and appear natural, both indoors and in daylight. You will be able to see and correct even the smallest blemishes, because the neutral light color does not falsify colors; thus, your makeup perfectly highlights your beauty in any light!
  • Or Warm light color, which is ideal for applying evening makeup.

Our mirrors not only look wonderful, but are also economical!

Did you know that the 12 LED lights installed in the Mobile Hollywood stand mirror consume less energy than one standard bulb! LED lights have a much longer life than standard bulbs, so the LED lights supplied with the mirror will last several years. Moreover, they create almost no heat, which significantly improves your work comfort; makeup does not run, as it might do with warmer lighting.

Highest glass quality

In our mirrors, we use perfectly clear, high quality glass with reduced iron content, which is not as green as ordinary colourless glass. Owing to that, the mirror reflects colours properly and does not become discoloured over the years.

Box contents:

  • 80 x 60 cm Hollywood mirror (lighting on 3 sides)
  • Set of lights dedicated to the mirror with neutral or warm colour (optional choice)
  • Mirror base
  • Table with wheels
  • Wall plugs for hanging the mirror
Color of the lightWarm (3000-3500K) or Neutral (4000-5500K)
Lightning3 sides