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Mobile Makeup Mirror 'Handy'

It was created mainly for mobile make-up artists and hairdressers, who often work at the customers' home or at photo sessions in various places and want to create professional working conditions there. This mirror model will also be ideal for cosmetic and hairdressing companies that exhibit at trade fairs and various industry events.

  • The dimensions of the whole (width x height): 55 x 60 cm
  • Dimensions of the mirror pane (width x height): 38 x 43 cm
  • A depth of the entire mirror: 14 cm
  • Frame thickness: 1 cm
  • A weight of the mirror with light bulbs: approx. 7.7 kg
  • Mirror weight with bulbs and stand: 8.9 kg
  • The color of lighting bulbs to choose from: neutral white dedicated to makeup (4000K) or warm white (2700K)
  • The height of the attached base: 10 and 14 cm (you can put it in 2 ways)
  • Switching method: rocker switch located at the front
  • The way of connecting to the power supply: 170 cm long cable terminated with a plug to the 230V socket
  • Material: melamine chipboard, smooth surface (easy to clean)

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